Frater Achad, Ma-Ion & AL’s Missing Line

Frater Achad announced the of Aeon of Maat or Ma-Ion on April 2 1948. This event has been well documented and Kenneth Grant1 has shed much light on the Aeon of the Daughter, complimenting, as it does, the Aeon of Horus the crowned and conquering child, but like Jack in the eponymous nursery rhyme,  has Horus broken his crown? In Hungarian the word for “daughter is, “lanya”. This is similar to the Hungarian word “tanya”, which means, “nest”. The nest, or egg equates with Lam the entity which Crowley depicted in a drawing in 1918.  In The Abuldiz Working Crowley was instructed to go into the desert and search for an egg under a palm tree. We can already see how the daughter cycle equities with the egg and Lam or Lamb and of Ma-Ion.

In October 1982 around Halloween I came into contact with an initiate of the left hand path named Tanya, to the outer world she however, preferred to be know by the rather more descriptive name of Spider on the inner. At the time she lived in an area famous for a coven run by the late Gerald Gardner and her residence somehow captured a certain, “Outside the Circles of Time” quality. We have here an interesting connection with Kenneth Grant’s last publish work, 2 OkbiSh or the “Book of the Spider”. Of particular relevance to this discussion is the female back widow spider which devours her mate after impregnation.  Okbish is an anagram of the word “Kibosh”, a word which has a number of meanings, one of which is a variant on the Arabic word, “kurbash” which means a whip or lash. The word “kurbash” is a metathesis of the words, “Khabs” and “Khu”. Khabs meaning a star, and Khu the tail – the lash or tail of the whip. This leads us of course directly to AL 3  “The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs. Worship then the Khabs, and behold my light shed over you!”

Another meaning  of the word kibosh – which perhaps more in keeping with our Black Widow – is “to decisively terminate”. It was certainly Achad’s conjecture that the Aeon of Horus had terminated and had been succeeded but the Aeon of the Daughter or Maat. Connecting these ideas it may be that the egg referred to by Abuldiz is to be found under a spider palm.

Maat is depicted wearing a feather, symbol of Truth which begs the question, “If Maat is Truth has she then superseded falsehood or the which is unTrue? In the Tarot falsehood is represented by the card, The Tower. It is a tower of falsehood which is struck down. So what is this false tower and why should it be destroyed?  Crowley identified himself with the Beast 666 in the Book of Revelation. The false profit, but he also identified himself as a Saint, Holy Man, a Man of God. Crowley advised readers of Liber Al to destroy their copies after reading, preferably by fire. Does this mean the Book is false, a lie, or a deception? Well, yes and no. The total number of verses in the Book of the Law is 220. 220 is the numerical value of the word, “True”. So at the end are we to find Truth? Does this then lead us to the Aeon of Maat who shows forth the feather,  which denotes Truth?  220 is divisible by 5, the pentagram, which gives us “Pentlaw”. 44 is the number of the Hebrew word, DM, which means blood.  Nuit says, “I am the five pointed star with the circle in the middle and the circle is red”. It is also the number of the word LHT, which means “flame” and the black flame is key in Liber Pennae Praenumbra. Black is synonymous with red in the mysteries.

Crowley made much of the phrase “True Will”, and “Love Under Will”,  but what about True Love? When the false is cast out what have we left but True Love? According to Nema, the Priestess of Maat who channeled the book “Liber Pennae Praenumbra”, the word of the Aeon of Maat is IPSOS. Nema” in Old Norse means, “to take or capture”,  and here again are we led towards the web of Okbish. There is also a Hungarian, name “Timea” which means, “sweet natured” and comes from a novel entitled, “The Golden Man”, so perhaps, “Outside the Circles Time” may be read as “outside the web of honey” – the spider who captures her child and wraps him / her in threads of gold.

In 1945 my grandmother was instructed by Aleister Crowley to include an new line in Liber AL. When she questioned him on this, his exact words were, “It is permissible.” The line, although only of 7 words, was to be included at a specific point in verse 66 of Ch. 2 at a specified time in the future after Crowley\s death. This information was bequeathed to me along with Aleister Crowley’s Parker fountain pen. Ch 2. Verse 66 in the original reads as follows: “Write, & find ecstasy in writing! Work, & be our bed in working! Thrill with the joy of life & death! Ah! thy death shall be lovely: whoso seeth it shall be glad. Thy death shall be the seal of the promise of our agelong love. Come! lift up thine heart & rejoice! We are one; we are none.” The new line was to be inserted between the fourth and fifth lines. The line reads: “One’s death is a gift to Life!” The completed verse then reads: “Write, & find ecstasy in writing! Work, & be our bed in working! Thrill with the joy of life & death! Ah! thy death shall be lovely: whoso seeth it shall be glad. One’s death is a gift to Life! Thy death shall be the seal of the promise of our agelong love. Come! lift up thine heart & rejoice! We are one; we are none.” This new addition brings the total words in the verse to 66, the number of the verse. The word “glad” is the 33 word in the verse. My grandmother’s name was Gladys, although often shortened to “Glad” and as it states, “whoso seeth it will be glad”, is a remarkably true prediction since my grandmother did see Aleister Crowley’s death. The line, “One’s death is a gift to life” has a rather lugubrious tone to it. Is this a sacrifice to be made? If so then who or what is the beneficiary of this sacrifice? Who’s is the bearer of the gift? Well, a clue may be found in the name of Gladys’s daughter, “Dorothy”, which means, “God’s Gift” and as discussed above Crowley identified himself as God. The false and True profit. It is Crowley or God’s gift to life that it given via the daughter or Maat. It is the Beast or false profit and his kin which are sacrificed for the greater child. The True son / sun.

Achad means “One”, and “One’s death”, (therefore Achad’s) occurred on the 24th February 1950. The 24th February is the 55th day of the year. 55 is the number of GBN – “thief, stole”, and GZILH – “robbery, pillage” and KLH – “the bride”. What is interesting here is the connection with the name, Nema – “to take or capture”. Nema, the bride who captures the True husband – Italian Sposi (husbands) and anagram of IPSOS – the son/ sun under her wing or feather. If we accept Achad’s date of 2nd April 1948 as the beginning of the Aeon of Maat and count forward to his death in 1950, it comes to 693 days, a number of key significance. It should be compared with the number of the word IPSOS as channeled by Nema, which comes to 696. Further, the date 2-4-48 gives us two numbers, 24 and 48 which when multiplied together give us 1152 (117) which is a key number in the Aeon of Maat.  Crowley certainly declared that Frater Achad was his magical son, but the question here is which son? The son of the Beast 666, or the son of the HIMOG (Holy Immortal Man of God) as Crowley liked to refer to himself.

At this point it may then beg the question whether the writer of this article believes the Book of the Law, to be a sham, fake or deception, and while that may present itself  it is certainly far from the truth and not intended, The Book of the Law fulfils a specific function and purpose, and while it may well be considered, “false”, it is a perfectly valid and a necessary one. This may seem as a contradiction in terms, but for what one person is falsehood, to another is truth. In fact, it is without question the key to what follows. It is only through the false profit, the Beast 666, the anti-christ, call it what you will, that the Truth (Maat) can be known. It is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and the means of True Love and True Will, to manifest. As is is said, “The Law is for All.”

Looking at the word, “Ma-Ion”, the first part is the colloquial, form of mother, mama. Ion has two significant meanings. One is from the ancient Greek meaning, “going“. The other scientific form, which is an atom bearing an electrical charge. Combing these ideas, it can be seen that what is suggested is a movement, towards the Ma, or mother, or an ion exchange perhaps? This is perhaps the most interesting point in relation to what has been covered above. We here have to then ask the question, who is the mother? Well, Maat, of course, but why Maat? If we move away from Maat the Goddess, to “maat”, the word it leads us to another line of thought. The word, “maat”, means, “buddy”. On a lighter note, the word could mean a drinking partner, but if we look more closely into the word we find the following, “1802, colloquial butty (“companion”), also the form of an older dialect term meaning workmate, associated with coal mining. Itself believed derived from 1530 as booty fellow, a partner with whom one shares booty or loot.”  A few years ago I came into contact with a medium or psychic who looked at me and declared that I had a companion, but not of the Angelic kind as is often revealed by such practitioners, but someone from a coal mine. She said my dark twin accompanied me all the time. Coal mining suggests the tunnels of Set 4, but what is the booty that we are sharing? Or perhaps here we are being directed to the constellation of Bootes, whose lead and brightest star is Arcturus. This somehow reminds one of AL II v 19 -20 “Is a God to live in a dog? No! but the highest are of us.” “Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire, are of us.”  Arcturus is from the Greek and means, “Guardian of the Bear”, ultimately from ἄρκτος (arktos), “bear” for which the name “Arthur” derives. One of Crowley’s aliases was “Arthur Godwin”. The Great Bear or the seven stars of Ursa Major, is the thigh of the Goddess who is the bearer of the child. But the word “bear” is also bier – coffin and it the formation of the seven stars has been likened to a coffin since ancient times. Perhaps our booty or prize is nothing more than a corpse?

One of the main focuses of Liber Pennae Praenumbra is the Andromeda galaxy. In the book we find the following references. “Behold! This lens of Stars now turning in Space before ye – men have named it well Andromeda”. And also, “It names the Source of Mine Own Being – and yours. It is the origin of this sending, that channels through Andromeda and Set.” In Liber AL II v 76 there is a cipher which includes the word, ALGMOR. If we break this word up we get ALG and MOR. Looking now at the word andROMeda we can clearly see reading from right to left the letters MOR in centre of the word. Now, taking ALG as the root of the word Algol. Algol is the demon star and eclipsing binary star. The EYE of the demon. In Hebrew folklore, Algol was called Rōsh ha Sāṭān or “Satan’s Head” Satan or Set. If we now refer again back to the line in Liber Pennae Praenumbra, we can see how it connects. “It names the Source of Mine Own Being – and yours. It is the origin of this sending, that channels through Andromeda and Set.”  We should also consider here that the EYE / AYE (Algol) is an important feature in the “Magical Record of Nema”5 The word “AYE” is a very interesting one as it is the middle English  accusative of the word, photo Germanic word, “Aiwaz”, which means. age or law, and it was Aiwass who delivered the Law to Aleister Crowley in 1904. Again, is we look at the first line quoted, “Behold! This lens of Stars” Again linking the centre of Andromeda as the Eye or lens. Habit declares, “I am everywhere the centre as she the circumference is nowhere found.”

Another word associated with the Aeon of Maat as given by Nema in her magical record is, Nahada. Nahada in Arabic means, “arise” or “revive”. In her magical record (p116) Nema give the qabalistic value of this word as 62. On this page (p116) Nema further goes on to a quablaitic analysis of this word in relationship to the number 93 as well as a diagrammatic representation of some of the letters of the alphabet in relationship to the Tree of Life and it’s mirror image. Interestingly for our discussion, she equates the letter “X” with Daath the eleventh sephirah.  Daath, is the gateway, reflected by the ninth sephirah Yesod, The Moon. These two sephiroth form the gateway or arch between worlds or universes represented cosmically by Andromeda and The Milky Way.  This page in her record  is worth investing much study since it elucidates and is core to the understanding of the twin current.  62 = 3+59. 359 is 360 – 1 or the break or gap in the circle. 359 id the number of STN or Satan again equating with Algol and the line from  Liber Pennae Praenumbra, quoted above.

Finally, if we take the initial seven letters from the new line added to The Book of the Law, we get. ODIAGTL  One obvious anagram  formed from these letters is the word, “dogtail”. If we revert back to the second paragraph in this article we can refer again to Kibosh, the tail or whip and Khabs, a star. It is not precisely  the dogstar or Sirius that is referenced here, but one in particular in the tail or Khu of the dog which is represented by the star Wezen which is Arabic for “weight”. It is the weight. or burden that the dog bears or carries. Again, one is instantly reminded of the verse in AL, II v19 “Is a God to live in a dog?” In ancient Egypt a unit of weight was the deben, and an anagram of this word becomes deneb. which means tail. It should be remembered how key to the aeon of Maat is the feather, not only as an instrument of flight, but a measurement of weight used in the weighing of the heart. Also, from these initial letters of the new sentence, can be made the words Algol, and Tid. The word Algol has already been covered, but the word Tid is also very significant to our studies. Tid is Old English for time, or era, particularly, a fourth of a day or a year, from which we get the word, tidAL. Another Algol eclipsing binary star is Lambda Tauri. This star has an orbital eclipsing period of 96 hours, or four days. In Arabic the name of this star is, Sadr al Tauri, which translates as.  “the bull chest”. Tid is a synonym of the Old English word Tima, which means time. Tima is very similar to the Hungarian name Timea which was mentioned at the beginning of this article. Combining Algol, with an eclipsing period of 69 hours, with Sadr al Tauri with an eclipsing period of 96 hours, we get 6996 or simply 696 the number of the word IPSOS as given to Nema. So, does this chest of the bull represent our booty or treasure? Is the bull or beast the sacrificial offering? Is his sacrifice and, “One’s death” an act of freewill? Here perhaps we should give the final word to Nema on this matter. On page 114 of her Magical Record  can be found a reference to the Bull-Beast. Nema says of this bull-beast, “He is drained of his fire-blood into the cup of BABALON, yea to the final drop. The Beast must be bled thus freely of his own Will. 6 –  I can but slash the vein – for none may bleed for another, nor cause him to give up his blood.”

“Watch the muscles twich
For a brand new switch”
Siouxsie and the Banshees 

© The Laughing Spider

1 See in particular, Cults of the Shadow and Outside the Circles of Time both pub. Starfire
2 The Ninth Arch pub. Starfire.
3 AL I Verses 8 & 9
4 See Nightside of Eden, Kenneth Grant. pub. Starfire
5 The Magical Record of Nema, Published by Black Moon
6. Italics mine.

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